About Wing Commander Saga

Launched on March 22, 2012, The Wing Commander Saga (WCS) is a standalone total conversion based on the Wing Commander universe; an homage to the original Wing Commander first released by Origin Systems, Inc in 1990.

The conflict between Earth and Kilrah is drawing to a close, and the Terran Confederation is not winning. The Confederation is trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of defeats, and hope is slipping away. Already, the Kilrathi are making their final preparations to finish off humanity once and for all. Humanity's only hope lies in a desperate plan that will require even idealistic young fighter pilots to stretch themselves beyond all imagination. It's the end of the world, and you have a front row seat.

Raw emotion, realistic characters, a hard look at the devastation of war, and intense large-scale space combat action await you as you assume the role of 2nd Lt. David "Sandman" Markham. Twists of fate will throw you out of your dull backwater assignment and right into the hottest spots of the most devastating war in history.

Contribution to Project:

Provided voice work for Kramm nar Caxki, Colonel House, and Additional Voices.

More information about this Project:

Wing Commander Saga Official Website
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